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You can advertise your rental vacancies on RentalSource at no cost to you or your renters - it's completely free.

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Our syndication network puts your rentals in front of millions of interested renters across Realtor, Zillow, Craiglist, Oodle and many more.

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Maintaining your listings couldn't be easier. We can use your existing listing feed or you can create one for us using our detailed feed documentation.

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We've provided property managers, agencies & rental industry professionals with qualified leads from interested renters since 2004.

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Increase the exposure of your rental vacancies by placing them in front of millions of potential renters.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I advertise my rentals for free?
Yes, it is entirely free to advertise your available rental units and properties on RentalSource.

How many free listings can I advertise?
You can advertise an unlimited number of free rental listings using our service.

Do you charge any commissions or fees?
No, we do not charge commissions or fees on the leads or leases generated by advertising your listings on our platform.

How do I create a listing?
You can manually create your ad using our listing builder or provide us with a feed that we'll use to import & maintain your listings.

Can I request that my listings not be syndicated?
Yes, just let us know, and we'll ensure your listings are only displayed on RentalSource.

Is there a fee to feature my listings within the search results?
No, our system automatically selects featured listings based on various factors, with data completeness being the most important.

Do I have to sign an advertising contract?
No long-term contracts or commitments are required to advertise your available rental listings on RentalSource.

Still have questions?
Please contact us and we'll promptly get you the answer.