Welcome to the RentalSource API

RentalSource is a real estate rental listing service that provides potential renters with information about houses for rent, real estate trends and local market information.

Getting Started

To make it easier for our customers to maintain their listings, we've made this tool available. Follow the steps below to start creating your listing feed:

  1. Check out the documentation.
  2. Review the sample code for adding & removing property listings.
  3. Sign up for an account.
  4. Contact us to request your API key.
Already have an XML feed?

Great! Just send us the url where we can retrieve it and we'll handle the rest.

Feed Indexer

Once you have verified that your feed is working properly, send us the url where our indexer can access it saving you from having to continually submit it.

Request Limit

We limit the number of requests so that we can manage demand and deliver the best possible performance. If you require a higher request limit, contact us.

  • Maximum of 100 listings are allowed within each request
  • We do not allow parallel requests from the same api key
  • Limited to 1,000 requests per day
Terms of Service

RentalSource provides this API for non-commercial use and by receiving an API key you are agreeing to the RentalSource Terms of Service.